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Premier Deluxe rooms are designed luxurious with high-class furniture and facilities. With large and airy windows overlooking the city view, the Premier room will bring a peaceful and pleasant space for customers. It will be the right choice for businessmen and visitors.

Area 39m2

Tiện ích:

Studio room at Petro House hotel was designed in a Neoclassical style with high-class furniture. Classic style floor are delicately selected to bring a feeling of warmth and relaxation.
Floor 5, 6
Area 28 m2

Tiện ích:

Standard room has windows designed in modern style. Room design and interior will give you a delicate choice, relaxation and comfort.
Floors 3, 4, 5, 6
Area 27 - 28 m2


Tiện ích:
SUPERIOR Designed in mainly semi-classical and modern style, Superior room with high-class furniture and luxurious facilities will give you a memorable stay.
Area 34 m²
Tiện ích:

DELUXE With city view, Deluxe rooms offer a luxurious experience from high-class service, modern facilities, guests are satisfied with the poetic scenery of mountains and blue sea. Whether it's a group of friends, a family or a couple, the Deluxe rooms have the best options for you.
Area 36 m²
Twin room (2 single beds: 1m2*2m)
Double room (1 double bed: 2m*2m)

Tiện ích:

Each Club Suite at Petro House hotel has two separate bedroom and room spaces. The room has an area of 68m², with a private balcony facing the sea. With two semi-classical and modern styles and high-class facilities, the Club Suite rooms are luxurious, eventful, and will give you moments of absolute relaxation.
Highlight: Area 68 m² | Double bed (2m*2m) | 2 bathrooms | Street view

Tiện ích:

Room for 3 people and suitable for family and group of friends. Deluxe Triple rooms are designed with 1 double bed for 2 guests and 1 single bed for 1 guest. It will offer you a memorable experience.
Highlight: 1 double bed: 2m*2m & 1 single beds: 1m2*2m


Tiện ích:
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