PETRO HOUSE HOTEL – Third-runner up in Culinary contest

“Tuần lễ Món ngon phố biển Vũng Tàu 2021 - Vung Tau Taste Week 2021”
On Apr 26th, 2021 night, a cooking contest, topic “Gifts from the Ocean”, was hold at Quang Trung park, Front beach, in which Cooks from Restaurants and Hotels in Vung Tau competed and exchanged their culinary skill. The event created the chances for many parties to express their cuisine characters and advertise their images to tourists and peers. 

The 7 competitors included: Petro House Hotel, Imperial Hotel, Quan Tre Restaurant, Ocean House Restaurant, Nori Food chain, Grand-Palace Hotel and Binh Quoi Restaurant. Each party was challenged to cook a Main dish for 5 pax in 90 minutes.
All competitors were asked to give presentation about their product (Name, ingredients, applied skills, meanings); the score was given based on the dish’s display, ingredients chosen, culinary skill, food safety, meaning conveyed, etc. 



After all effort spent, Petro House Hotel team was recognized as the Third-runner up of the competition. The Award ceremony was planned to occur on May 2nd, 2021.