Hung Kings' Commemoration Day 2022

"No matter who goes back and forth - remember the Hung Kings' Commemoration Day of March 10
Throughout the region, the song is passed on forever, young country is still young country for thousands of years.
🌿 Hung Kings' Commemoration Day, also known as "Hung Temple Festival" is a great holiday of Vietnam, a day for everyone to enjoy the value of peace and sacrifice of fellow citizens together with the Hung Kings to build the country.
🌿 Café Sambal Restaurant is pleased to welcome guests who live in the coastal city of Vung Tau, and at the same time, to express our gratitude for your loyalty and support, Café Sambal restaurant implements the Special Promotion as follows:
🎯 Discount 20% off total food and drink bill
🎯 Application period: from April 8 to April 11, 2022
🎯 Subjects of application: Customers who are locals, living and working in Vung Tau city
- Not applicable for in-room service or take away
- Not applicable in conjunction with other existing promotions
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